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Lake St. Charles walking trailWelcome to the Lake St. Charles Community Development District (“LSC CDD”) website.  If you are new to community development districts, also known as “CDDs”, we are a local, special purpose government authorized under Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes.  Now, you may ask yourselves, “Well, what does this mean to me?”  Please read on as we try to answer this question.

The purpose of a community development districts is stated in Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes under s 190.002(1):
190.002 Legislative findings, policies, and intent.—

  1. The [Florida] Legislature finds that:
    1. There is a need for uniform, focused, and fair procedures in state law to provide a reasonable alternative for the establishment, power, operation, and duration of independent districts to manage and finance basic community development services; and that, based upon a proper and fair determination of applicable facts, an independent district can constitute a timely, efficient, effective, responsive, and economic way to deliver these basic services, thereby providing a solution to the state’s planning, management, and financing needs for delivery of capital infrastructure in order to service projected growth without overburdening other governments and their taxpayers.

Simply stated, community development districts provide localized services to their communities which have, in the past, normally been provided by other governments such as the county or city.  Initially, the service that a community development districts provides is the building of the infrastructure within its community such as roads, water and sewage and utilities required prior to the development of homes within the community.  In addition, many community development districts built amenities for the use and enjoyment of its residents such as pools, hiking and biking paths, tennis courts, parks, basketball courts, clubhouses, soccer fields and other recreational related facilities.

History of Lake St. Charles Community Development District

The Lake St. Charles Community Development District (“LSC CDD”) was created on December 18, 1995 by [Hillsborough] County Ordinance 95-30, pursuant to Chapter 190.005(2) of the Florida Statutes by petition of landowners and private developers who desired to develop the community.

By law, LSC CDD’s charter is Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes.  In the District’s creation ordinance, Hillsborough County granted LSC CDD all general powers authorized in Sections 190.011 Florida Statutes and special powers 190.012(1), (2) (a), (b), (d), (e) and (f) and (3), of the Florida Statutes.  LSC CDD is not granted the power to adopt rules for deed restrictions, a special power granted to CDDs under s. 190.012(4).  However, deed restrictions are performed through the Lake St. Charles Homeowners Association (HOA) as well as approval of the Architectural forms used for making changes to private residences such as exterior painting or fencing.

On October 30, 2000, the boundary of Lake St. Charles Community Development District was amended by Ordinance 00-35, which expanded the District’s boundary to include 10 additional residential lots erroneously omitted from the District’s original boundary.

After the initial creation, five members were elected to serve on the board by vote of the landowners within the District.   By 2004, pursuant to Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes, the LSC CDD board had completely transitioned from members who were elected by landowners to members (“qualified electors” as defined in Chapter 190) who were elected by the registered voters of the District in general elections.  This is also referred to as “resident controlled” board.  Members of the Board, also known as supervisors, serve on the Board of Supervisors for a term of four years and may run for re-election pursuant to the law for holding general election.  In order to run, candidates must file qualifying papers and qualify for individual seats in accordance with s. 99.061, Florida Statutes and with the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections.

District Financial Information

In 1996, the members of the board elected by the landowners approved by resolution the 1996 Bond Issuance as authorized in s. 190.016, Florida Statues, for the purpose of funding the development of the District’s infrastructure and amenities.

In 2005, the Board of Supervisors refinanced the 1996 bond issuance at significant net savings to the residents of the District of nearly $380,000.  The District’s bond was paid off January 2017.  Additionally, the District is responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the District’s common grounds and other amenities and facilities such as the pool and clubhouse.  Maintenance and repairs of LSC CDD facilities and amenities will continue to be assessed to LSC CDD property owners after bond pay-off.

While certain CDDs assume the responsibility for maintenance of the streets or for providing water management and control of other utilities within its district, LSC CDD has turned the management and control of all utilities and street maintenance, including street lights and lift stations, back to Hillsborough County.  Any billing issues on any utility bill received by homeowners within the District should be directed to the phone numbers provided on the individual statement or bill.

The LSC CDD maintained its annual assessment fee of $1,120 for approximately 17 years. Unfortunately, in August 2022, the Board of Supervisors was faced with a tough decision to increase the assessment to $1,500 due to inflation, cost of living, and the cost of goods. Approximately 25% of the $1,500 is allocated to the District's Capital Improvement Plan. The remaining 75% is allocated to pay for the District’s Operations and Maintenance expenses to include the upkeep for the District’s amenities and common grounds and for compliance with state statutes in the operations of these facilities.

LSC CDD collects its assessment fees as a non-ad valorem tax assessment which appears on each homeowner’s property tax bill sent and collected by the Hillsborough County Tax Collector’s Office per authorization in s 189.05 and s 190.021, Florida Statutes.

The District’s Fiscal Year (FY) begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th.  Per s. 190.008, Florida Statutes, the district board shall adopt by resolution a Proposed Budget for the upcoming fiscal year by June 15th.  The approved Proposed Budget is posted on the District’s website until the final budget for the upcoming fiscal year is adopted.  Per s. 190.008, Florida Statutes, by October 1st, the district board shall adopt by resolution its final budget for the upcoming fiscal year upon conclusion of a noticed Public Hearing.  The LSC CDD Board of Supervisors has, by practice, held this Public Hearing for Budget Adoption on the first Tuesday of September in conjunction with its General Meeting.   The Budget Public Hearing is noticed on the District’s website and District signage, and in the Hillsborough County edition of the Tampa Bay times.  Per s. 189.016(4), Florida Statutes, the tentative budget must be posted on the special district’s official website at least 2 day before the budget hearing to consider such budget.  The final adopted budget must be posted within 30 days after adoption.  The LSC CDD District Budget that will be considered is usually posted at least one week in advance of the Public Hearing and its final Adopted Budget is posted within one week of adoption.

LSC CDD has not experienced any financial distress as a result of the recent downturn in the real estate market.  District financial statements and audit reports are provided on this website,

Pursuant to Florida Statute 218.32(1)(g), a link on the District’s website to the Florida Auditor General’s Office is provided for viewing the LSC CDD most current audit report.  The link currently includes six (6) prior audit reports.  A link to the Department of Financial Services for statute compliance is provided as well:

For further information or to request District financial reports, contact Adriana Urbina, District Manager at 813 741-9768.

We Operate in “SUNSHINE”!

Florida sunset over the lakeThe LSC CDD Board of Supervisor meets on the First Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the District’s Clubhouse, 6801 Colonial Lake Drive.  The Board welcomes all attendees and recognizes the Public Right to Speak at its meetings.

Per s. 189.015, Florida Statutes, the District notices its annual meeting schedule in the Hillsborough County edition of the Tampa Bay Times.  It also notices its annual meeting schedule on the District website and on its website calendars for quick referral.

In addition to general meetings, the District holds several noticed committee meetings. The Management Committee, Treasurer’s Review Committee, Grounds/Security Committee and Strategic Planning Committee meet monthly to discuss issues that pertain to charter of their respective committee and to make recommendations back to the Board of Supervisors at its monthly general meeting.  Committee meetings are noticed in the Hillsborough County edition of the Tampa Bay Times and on the District website.  Residents are invited to attend committee meetings.  For more information, call the District Manager, Adriana Urbina at 813 741-9768, or the Interim Property Manager, Luis Martinez, at 813 990-7555.

Meeting minutes, agendas and financial statements are posted and archived on  For further information, contact District Manager Adriana Urbina at 813-741-9768.

Pursuant to Florida Statute 189.016(2)(a), item 10, the link to the Florida Commission on Ethics is provided below. Select “Ethics Law” for further information.

The LSC CDD Board of Supervisors has also adopted its own Ethics Policy. Click below for more information. 
District Code of Ethics Policy

Amenity Information

Lake St. Charles ClubhouseLake St. Charles Community Development District (“LSC CDD”) is a 400 acre residential community located in Riverview, Florida. It is close to many major access routes, including Interstate 75, Selmon Crosstown Expressway and Interstate 4 giving residents of the community easy access to Tampa International Airport, Downtown Tampa, MacDill Air Force Base and Disney World. Westfield Brandon Mall, Winthrop Plaza, Super Target, Home Depot, Dave & Busters, Bass Pro Shop, Top Golf, IFly and Fred’s Restaurant are a short distance away. Many Gulf Beaches are within easy reach. In addition to public schools, there are several nearby tuition-free charter schools like Bridgeprep Academy, KCC -Kids Community College and Winthrop that offer excellent alternative education opportunities from kindergarten through 12th grade.

The Lake St Charles community consists of 785 single-family units and 40 maintenance-free villas in 12 distinct villages. It also includes a commercial portion of approximately 11 acres with a Winn-Dixie Grocery Store, Radiant Gas Station and other retail shops and restaurants. 

Lake St. Charles Community Development District provides many recreational amenities where residents enjoy nature in abundance. The community's villages encircle a scenic 70-acre lake. Homes nestle in and around the lake, wetlands and ponds that are surrounded with pines and oaks. Residents can walk,  hike or bike around a 2-mile paved nature trail that weaves around the lake and conservation areas and runs through the private community park.  Along the path are 10 outdoor exercise stations for added workouts and numerous benches to stop and rest or take in a scenic view..

Lake St. Charles volleyball courtRecreational amenities include 15 acres of outdoor park facilities, including soccer/baseball fields, 2 basketball courts, 3 tennis courts, a dog park, rustic canoe launch and 2 fishing docks on the lake. Other park facilities, connected by the nature path, include 2 children's playgrounds (including a toddler playground) a gazebo and people and pet drinking fountains

The Community Clubhouse includes a large swimming pool with a separate lap pool area, and a spa and kiddie pool as well as a lighted sand volleyball court. The swimming pool and clubhouse overlook beautiful Lake St. Charles, where spectacular sunsets can be enjoyed.

The community is governed by 2 organizations. The CDD (Community Development District) manages all of the communities’ common areas and amenities. The HOA (Homeowners Association) manages and enforces the community's deed restrictions as they pertain to all private property.

For more information, contact Adriana Urbina, District Manager, at 813 671-8339.

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This App replaces the community newsletter and is the official means of information, communication and notification to the residents of Lake St Charles.

This site provides information using PDF, visit this link to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software.